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General info+ future plans for this blog

Hi! So for right now, all the pictures I post are taken with my phone, I have a Galaxy S3 which has a pretty damn good camera for a phone but still, not da best. So sorry about the quality for the next month or 2. My birthday is coming up and I plan to buy myself a nice camera to take pictures and film makeup tutorials with (also explains my empty YouTube channel).
So my birthday is mid June (turning 19 woo!) So expect way better stuff around that time!

Oh also! I want this blog to be what you want it to be! Please give me suggestions, comment on posts, email me, anything! I want to know what you guys want from a beauty blog. I plan on reviewing all items in my stash, posting my holy grail items, posting on my favorite drug store items, etc. SUGGESTIONS!

Have a lovely hump day!


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