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Review of the Lorac Unzipped Palette

This is the Lorac Unzipped palette, it’s $42. I bought it almost a year ago and I still use it almost every day. The mattes are perfect, the shimmers are smooth and buttery and everything is blendable to perfection.

I originally bought the palette when I was doing research before buying the NAKED palette, this is about $10 cheaper and way cuter. I’ll probably buy one of the NAKED’s in the future.


Packaging 10/10

It’s a slim little palette, held closed with a magnet. It has a nice mirror, reasonably sized (mine is now broken thanks to my boyfriends knee).

Pigmentation 8.5/10

The shimmers are the star of the show for sure, they’re so so smooth and they glide on and blend gorgeously. They get a 10/10. The mattes leave a little to be desired, but they’re still wonderful of course. They blend well but aren’t as smooth as the shimmers.

Color 8/10

There’s only 4 mattes but they’re really different in color. Undercover is an off-white, Unconditional is a taupe, Unspoken is a light brown and Unbridled is a deep reddish brown.

The shimmers, I’ve found are pretty similar in color. The pink bronzy shades all kind of blend together. But they’re still soooo pretty.

Overall 9/10

I LOVE this palette. It was my first big-girl palette and it’s still my most used palette. Definitely would recommend to any skill level!


Here’s some looks:






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