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My makeup journey

So I’ve been really interested in makeup since about November of 2012, so not even 2 years ago. I figured I’d post a little makeup history up until right now! Always fun to look at how gross we looked in the past right?

So this is before I even got into makeup communities or did research or anything, not terrible but no blending at alll.Image



Now this is what I call the first documentation of my blossoming addiction. This was on Thanksgiving of 2012. Not awful but again, no blending and shaky wings. Also this is long before I figured out how to eyebrow.Image


From then on I kinda stuck to the light inner corner-dark outer corner and dark lower lash line thing, I think in this I actually tried (keyword TRIED) to fill in my brows. This is still 2012. Image


I don’t know why I went back to just black all around but I did I guess?


THEN I GOT A HIGH END EYESHADOW PALETTE! Expensive things are sometimes actually way nicer. Not always, but I bought the Lorac Unzipped palette and boom bam talent?


I went to France the summer of 2013 and bought my first nice red lipstick (Mac Russian Red)! Changed my life.


At this point I was kinda stuck with neutrals and I just kept it at that. I think it worked for me though, this is from November ’13, exactly a year after I “started the makeups”.


Lately I’ve been focusing on getting better at contouring/blush/general face stuff. I loved this look I did for a family party a couple weeks ago.

3-15-14(2)I stuck some wings on later in the night, BOMB wings if I may add, 3-15-14

So this is pretty much where I’m at now, this was before I got my eyebrows done for the first time, 3-19-14

Now this is what I do! I’m not afraid of colors anymore, I’ve been loving blues and greens lately, 3-25-14

And a look I did the other day with Stila’s foil eyeshadow; 3-30-14


And my favorite look right now, dark lips and warm eyes.



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