All things skin

I’m gonna try to steadily post general info about me and my face so y’all don’t get bored all at once.

I’ve always had fairly bleh skin. It’s really sensitive and pale (obviously) and during the summer I need SPF 1000 to stay alive.
This is me without makeup (taken about a week ago)


This is the best my skin has looked in a WHILE.
This is what it usually looks like, red, light acne (not actual pimples or cysts, just red spots) and just general unevenness.


So, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m fairly good at concealing everything, see here from today’s post:


But my skin is also OILY so right now (about 6 hours after applying makeup) I look like this:


The foundation had become pretty orange where I put my blush, any makeup scientists wanna tell me why?
The foundation on my nose always melts off first, I tried out blotting papers today (NYX Tea Tree) and so my foundation isn’t completely gone, but it usually is. The area around my nose has big pores and they always become more visible throughout the day, that area is also pretty oily.

So my skincare routine is as follows,

-Splash face with water or wash face during summer when my skin is really oily
-apply about half of usual amount of moisturizer (Aveeno Clear Complexion)

-Wash face with CeraVe
-Moisturize with Aveeno

It’s pretty simple but it’s keeping my skin pimple free and I don’t really get oily at night unless it’s hot and/or humid.
I plan to go to a dermatologist asap to address the hormonal acne on my cheeks (its most likely due to my IUD) but for now it is what it is.

Any tips?


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