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No-makeup makeup with BB cream!

I love BB cream, it’s real cool. Whenever I do natural looking makeup I try to use BB cream cuz it actually looks like natural skin, especially because I stipple my foundation usually (stippling creates a more “flawless” look).
I use the hot pink Skin79 BB cream, when I was looking for a BB cream, everyone told me to only use Asian, specifically Korean BB creams, so I did! I love the hot pink one, but I got a sample of the gold Skin79 and I liked that one much more, it had a little more coverage.

Here’s a B&A just BB cream


So! My no-makeup routine usually goes something like this:
-Apply primer (Smashbox color correcting primer)
-apply bb cream (Skin79)
-apply concealer (MAC)
-apply translucent powder (Graftobian powder) I use truly translucent powder with my BB cream because I’ve noticed that using a foundation powder like Stay Matte tends to look orange.
-apply blush (NYX Blush in Apricot)
-Eyebrows (Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash)
-Prime lids (UD primer potion)
-Light beige shadow/light rosy beige shadow (from Sephora color anthology palette)
-Tightline upper lash line with dark brown shadow (from Unzipped)
-Apply one coat of mascara (Clump Crusher)


Honestly my no-makeup makeup usually looks a little makeupy, but I’m totally okay with that.


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