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How to clean and disinfect your makeup brushes!

So I just cleaned my brushes (PSA- Real Techniques brushes are white at the top, not brown) and I’ll share my process!

What you need: 

-Olive oil

-Dish Soap (I’m using Dawn)

-Alcohol (I’m using isopropyl)


-A plate



Put equal amounts oil and soap on the plate and about a teaspoon of alcohol into the water.

Set up your drying station, make sure you have something to prop up your brushes so the water doesn’t mess up the glue:


Grab ya brushes:



Then swirl it all around forever:


It should look nice and icky at this point, I clean my bigger brushes first so I can mix the oil and dish soap well.

Then rinse!


Rinse until the water runs clear, I swirl the brush on my palm and squish the brush around to get all the gook out. Make sure your brush stays pointed down, getting too much water in your brush can make the glue go wonky and the hair will fall out.


Then dip your brush into the alcohol/water mixture:


I give it a little rinse just so alcohol doesn’t stink up my brushes.

Rub your brush on a drying thing.



You can use a dish towel or paper towel or your cat or your brothers shirt. Whateverrr.

Then prop ’em up to dryyyyyy:



Ooh my babies are so pretty. ❤


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