I’m doing prom makeup in the Boston area!

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write about this a little on here! I live in the Boston area (the suburbs around Cambridge) and I still have a fair amount of friends in high school that are going to prom soon, so I offered my services (free of charge) on Facebook. I’ve already gotten a ton of responses from girls who want me to do their makeup!


I don’t want to charge for this because A) I think it’s ridiculous how much money is spent on Prom, dresses, getting your hair done, shoes, getting your makeup done, not to mention the ticket cost! B) I feel like a lot of girls might be nervous/uncomfortable with a stranger doing their makeup, I feel like it would be nicer to have someone closer to your age that you might know a little. C) Right now, I just want to practice on other people and expand my portfolio, I posted that everything is free (except specialty things like lashes which they’ll provide) and I just want to take a couple before/after shots and post them online.


I’m posting this BECAUSE I’d love to do ANYONE’S makeup right now! Free of charge! If you have an event/prom/school picture or want a makeup lesson, tips, ANYTHING, I’d love to help! Please contact me if you’re in the Boston area and are interested at all!



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