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Ardell Individuals Review

Since I’m doing some prom makeup for done ladies, I’ve been stocking up on things, I bought some new brushes, some powder, gel liner (easier to clean and easier to apply to other people). And I got the Ardell Individuals starter kit on a whim. I just opened them and decided to try a lash out, see if it stayed on all night or something (the package says they last for weeks.
I’m usually scared of false lashes for myself, I can apply them on other people but my eyes just don’t want that. But these are different. I actually applied the first lash correctly on the first try! I mean the rest were really difficult but aww yes!

I ended up going crazy and decking both my eyes out. Then I put one coat of mascara on, holy crapballs batman


They look natural, but it looks like I’m packing some serious lash power. I used about 5 lashes on each eye, I only used the small ones because the medium ones would be too long to wear glasses with 😦


You can sort of see the lashes in this picture, they’re little knots that flare out, you don’t put them on your eyelid, you put them right on your lashes.


I love these!
I don’t feel them at all, they don’t feel long or awkward or fluttery. The color is just black which goes with my lashes and my mascara. They do look pretty fake before you put them on, the material they’re made of looks like cheap fake eyelashes, but once they’re on and mascada’d they blend right in!
They were alright to put on, some went right on and some i had to redo a bunch. But if you’re a beginner, these would be great, I have no success in putting strip lashes on myself and I could do these, so could you!



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