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Quick step-by-step with Stila and Urban Decay!

Sorry that I was MIA for a couple days, I’ve been doing really boring makeup (maybe I should do a 30 days of makeup?) And working. I work at a local vegetarian restaurant, I’ve been working there f or almost a year now and I really enjoy working there. But lately I’ve been feeling like I want to look for something else, it’s a food place so I can’t wear nail polish or “dangling” jewelry so I can’t wear nose hoops. Yesterday I was told that ANY jewelry isn’t okay, which doesn’t work for me, I have an ear piercing and a nose piercing that I won’t be able to take out for at least another 4 months. I’m thinking about trying to find a job at a makeup counter or store. Any input?

Anyway, on to the makeup. I used Urban Decay shadows as a base for Stila  Magnificent Metals. Please excuse my messy brows, momma needs a touch up.


Step 1: apply primer (UDPP) and base shadow (UD’s Virgin) with a fluffy brush

Step 2: apply crease shadow (UD’s Lost) with a crease brush in crease and lower lash line

Step 3: blend crease and lower lash line with a dense blending brush

Step 4: mix Magnificent Metals (Vintage Black Gold) and dab onto desired area, move on to next step before it dries

Step 5: blend with your finger, use patting motions and try not to use any wiping or smudging motions, it will wipe away the shadow. Wait for the shadow to completely dry.
Step 6: blend the edges of the magnificent metals shadow VERY GENTLY into the crease shadow with the same dense blending brush. Add mascara!

Magnificent Metals can be really frustrating to work with, I still haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet. But when you do it (hopefully) right, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Happy Hump Day!


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