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Exchanges and Hauls and Swatches, oh my!

So I participated in the Reddit Makeup and Nail Polish Exchange and today was the ship date, I stalked my match on Pintrest, Reddit, and Facebook and I decided on a matte topcoat from Orly, a red lipstick from NYX (sorry I didn’t take note of the color name) the NYX Smokey Eye Palette (which I’ve been meaning to get for myself, it’s so pretty!) and I also re-gifted some black glitter that I know will never get use if it’s stuck in my makeup box. I hope she’ll love everything!

So I got home after being miserable and sick at the boyfriends house and I had 2 packages!! One was my order from NYX and the other was from my exchange match! It works like secret santa so the person I got gifts for was matched with someone else, so I didn’t buy gifts for the person who bought gifts for me, and vice versa.


They got me:

-Smashbox Always Sharp 3D liner in ‘Pacific’

-Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in ‘Melondrama’

-Zoya Polish in ‘Thandie’

I got me from NYX:

-NYX Powder blush in ‘Taupe’ (this was because of THIS wonderful woman)

-NYX Macaron Lippie in ‘Violet’ because…well…have you fricken seen them!?

-NYX Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Nectar’ (this was a free gift!)

I got me from CVS:

-Milani Power Lip Gloss in ‘Pink Lemonade’ (because of THIS also wonderful woman)

-Milani Power Lip Gloss in ‘Macaroon’







Left to right- NYX ‘Violet’, NYX ‘Taupe’, NYX ‘Nectar’, Smashbox ‘Melondrama’, Smashbox ‘Pacific’


Left to right- Milani ‘Pink Lemonade’, ‘Macaroon’


Here’s Melondrama on:


Bad picture, but it’s a gorgeous soft coral orangey thing and this is definitely going to be my go-to spring lipstick. It feels super soft and it’s nice and glossy, but not too shiny.

Here’s Violet on:


Oh. My. Glob. This is the most insane color I have ever worn on my lips and I love it!!! My mom HATES it, so that’s how you know it’s a keeper. It went on SO opaque, I am really really impressed!


Ignore my floppy terrible hair.


Also, when I saw that my match sent me a blue eyeliner I was like “OH NO I JUST BOUGHT BLUE EYELINER” but then I swatched them side-by-side and Pacific is way more green guys, crisis averted!




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