Giveaway featuring LORAC, Urban Decay, and NYX!

Fun giveaway to enter! I love her blog! She’s been with me since the day I joined, thanks Henryface_! Wish me luck guys #seekingsubtleglow


Seeking Subtle Glow Giveaway

It’s finally come!  I am excited to announce the details and rules for my giveaway to celebrate reaching 10,000 views on Seeking Subtle Glow.  We are actually closer to 17,000 views now, as you can see in the hit counter to the left, but it took me a few days to plan 🙂

So lets get down to business.  Below you will find details about the items included in the giveaway, the multiple ways in which you are able to enter, how you will know if your entry has been counted and when the winner will be announced.  Please read carefully and if you still have questions when you’re done, feel free to comment or email me at henryfacebeauty@gmail.com.

The Goods.

Seeking Subtle Glow giveaway

Included in this giveaway is:

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