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How I dye my hair!

So! I recently decided to go purple, I like to cycle through colors but I don’t want to lighten my hair too much because bleach damages hair so much.

So I used a powder lightener and a clear liquid developer to lighten my hair. The developer is great, I’ve used it with professional color and it works really well. The powder on the other hand, about as good as you’d expect a $5 powder bleach to be. It didn’t mix well with the developer and was very harsh on my hair, as soon as I applied it, my natural roots immediately lightened. I only left it on for about 20 minutes for fear of destroying my hair.

While it lightened, I mixed Eclectic’s Violet with some cheap Suave to create a purple shampoo (used to remove yellowness/orangeness from lightened hair and make it more cool-toned). I also mixed the dye with Wen (cleansing conditioner) to make a purple leave-in treatment. I washed my hair with the DIY purple shampoo twice, then I applied the purple conditioner liberally and left it in for about half an hour. The bleach lifted the color from my roots, but it left my blue hair a bright teal.

I then mixed the dye 2:1 with the developer, applied it, and left it in for about 45 minutes. I washed and conditioned with the DIY purple products. It came out like this:



YIKES. The dye didn’t stick to my hair very well at all. The ends turned a weird gray/blurple and the roots were a very flat almost ashy purple.


So I picked up some Splat hair color at CVS, I normally wouldn’t trust the brand, but I’ve heard that the dye is really stain-y and NEVER comes out, which is what I want! So I ignored the bleach (which is very hair-destroying) and glommed it on there.


I always start with the front roots of my hair, and around my ears:



I apply with a color brush. After I carefully apply the dye to the roots and problem areas, I use my hands (gloved) to apply the dye to the rest of my hair.



(brow game though) I then rinsed my hair with cold water until most dye was out, I liberally applied conditioner, let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinsed my hair will cold water until the water ran clear. I applied Argan oil and now I’m letting it air dry!

So it’s only dried a bit, I’ll try to make a FOTD post tomorrow (I’ll definitely be posting on Instagram) so you guys can see the fully dried color.

Here’s what it looks like damp:





I think it looks great so far! I’ll update tomorrow!


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