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I finally have a battlestation!

So for the past year I’ve been doing/storing my makeup on the small couch in my room. I have my collection on one half in shoeboxes, and I sit on the other half and hold a mirror with one hand. Pain in the butt. AND the couch was slanted so all my tubes/bottles were always rolling around towards the back.

So on Monday of last week I decided to check out Craigslist for a vanity or desk and I hit the jackpot! The listing read “$20 Small desk, perfect for a teenager” and in the picture it looked like somewhat pale wood, kinda scuffed up. But it had TONS of drawers and it looked like the perfect size. I also figured painting it would be a fun job. It was so much more than what I thought it would be.



It’s huge! And the color is great, way darker than I expected! The drawers are amazing, they’re all really long so I can put tons of stuff in them!


Those are pulled out only halfway! I keep my brushes/mirrors on top as well as perfume, hair stuff and some cute decorations.


So this is my lipstick, blush, and pot drawer. I have my lipsticks in earring boxes arranged from most worn to least. I put down little strips of velvet (from the earring boxes!) to prevent my blushes from sliding around. I have all my little eye pots and jars in the little basket, eye tattoos, gel liners, magnificent metals, etc.


Here’s my palettes and the face products I use every day. Primer, concealer, foundation, powder, setting spray. I also have backup foundations and my BB cream.


I have all my backup products and tubes and primers. NYX jumbo eye pencils, mascaras, powders, lashes.


Nail polish drawer! I have all my polishes, base coats, top coats, as well as dotting tools, tape and a file/clippers.


I’m super happy with it! It has a lovely gold detail on the top as well! I think I may paint it someday, but I would probably just sand it and restain/finish it. Maybe paint the drawers a bright color.



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