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Prom client before and afters!

Hi all! So on Friday I had a couple prom appointments with some girls I knew from high school. Sophie, Clarissa and Beth were excellent clients and gave great feedback and they even brought me cookies!

So here’s Sophie, she has beautiful skin with naturally rosy cheeks and didn’t need any sort of heavy coverage. She wanted a simple, neutral, matte look and I used my Lorac Unzipped palette for her eyes. I also forgot to take a before picture of her, whoops.


I used Skin79 BB cream on her skin, NYX Apricot on her cheeks and the Unzipped palette on her eyes. I kept it really simple, her dress was very colorful and her hair was fabulous, didn’t want to distract!


This is Beth, she has hooded lids and one of her eyes is monolidded. She has AMAZING skin and since we’re different shades I used Skin79 BB cream with her as well so it could adjust.





She wanted a silver smokey look with wings, I went a little overboard with the wings, she wanted them a bit more subtle, but we were pressed for time and I couldn’t fix it. I used warm toned greys and silvers from the Sephora Color Anthology palette and NYX gel liner in Jet black, on her lips is Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 106(?).



This is Clarissa! She wanted a gold to dark gradient with wings!






I used foundation she brought, I believe it was a Neutrogena foundation. I used Urban Decay and Lorac shadows and NYX gel liner in Jet Black. I did some “fake” wings to lift her eyes and elongate. She had a lipstick at home she was using, so I just applied chapstick.



This is my battlestation after the girls were over:



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