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Sorry I’ve been MIA! Update pictures post!

Hi! Sorry I’ve been so busy at my new job! I LOVE working for Inglot, I get to play with the products and get to know them really well and talk about them all day and I’m having so much fun!

So I’ve been working a ton, hence no blog posts and barely any instagram posts, sorry! So I’m just gonna dump some pictures from the past few days!

So swatches first! These are the Smashbox Always Sharp Liners,

wpid-20140601_1116020.jpgI have one in ‘Pacific’ (which actually isn’t available at my store, which is odd). And there’s also the 3D always sharp liners which have some sparkle.

wpid-20140601_111531.jpgwpid-20140601_111541.jpgThey’re in order with the display, top row left to right and then bottom row left to right.

So this is Inglot’s AMC Pure Pigment eyeshadow in 85, which I actually just bought after living off a sample I got on my first day. It’s so pretty.



I went to a metal show with my boyfriend and took a really bad selfie of my makeup,


I got a haircut!! The back is really short but I barely got any taken off the top.



Then I got acrylics for the first time! I wanted more space for nail art and I’ve never had a job where they were okay to have, so I figured why not? This was a very purple day for me, the lip color is an Inglot freedom system lipstick, I forget the color though.



So on fridays, my department has a theme, and I forgot that it was “Galaxy” so when I got to work I used Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner to do a “subtle” alien look.



This is a better look at my makeup before the glitter,


And that day some little kids came in with their parents and were really restless so we tried to entertain them and it worked!
This lil’ dude wanted a mustache which I thought was absolutely hilarious, then he wanted a goatee like his dad. I used a brown gel liner from Inglot,


And his sister wanted glitter dots like I had, and her favorite color was green so I gave her some green shadow, their parents loved that we were humoring them and my entire section couldn’t stop laughing,


And the other day I got to finally use the Electric palette!


I pretty much used every color.

Then I had a client come in for a full face look for a family picture, this is her B&A, she wanted fresh, natural and light,



A pretty shot of my nails to finish this post off!



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