Inglot, Review, Swatches/Hauls

Inglot Gel Liner Swatches!

I did it, I swatched all the gel liners that we have in stock.


I’m also just gonna throw my review in here,

Pigmentation: 10/10
The color selection of these liners is incredible (my location doesn’t even carry every color!) and EVERY SINGLE COLOR is just as pigmented as the next, they are ALL perfection.

Consistency: 10/10
These are so creamy and thick, you can get the most defined, sharp, thin line ever, but you can also smudge them out, make em all sexylicious and edgy.

Longevity: 10/10
They’re actually DIFFICULT to get off. They’re waterline safe as well, so they won’t budge even when wet! Once it dries, this gel is not moving until you say so.

Overall: 10/10
The BEST gel liner on the market, hands down. Easy to use, super long lasting, and excellent color selection! Good for all skill levels as well.




Here’s some looks I’ve done with the liner:





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