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What I’ve been doing!

So I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a little picture dump to show ya’ll what I’ve been up to. I hate saying stuff like this because it makes me feel dumb, but I feel like my makeup skills have improved a lot in the past months.

I fell in love with this eyeshadow.


Also brown lipstick.


Purples are always my favorite.


This is one of my gorgeous clients. She’s seriously a doll.

wpid-20140828_123243.jpg wpid-20140828_131904.jpg wpid-20140828_131907.jpg

I just posted a tutorial for this look!


I finally did a Halo eye.



This is what I call Basic Bitch makeup. First time using the Naked 3.



This was the highlight of my life, so amazing.

wpid-20140903_112059.jpg wpid-20140903_112102.jpg


Semi successful cut-crease.



One of my gorgeous co-workers, Jessica!

wpid-20140906_142047.jpg wpid-20140906_151406.jpg


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